Congratulations Abby!

In June this year, some of our Year 8 students took part in a Christian Bible Project. This was the 26th year that the competition had been running.


Congratulations Abby!

The students worked both at home and in class, researching the resurrection and the road to Emmaus. All of this research was put together to produce a 1000-word entry. The students could submit their entries in the form of a diary, letter or story, to the Roman Authorities. Continue reading

Start of Term Arrangements

The new school year starts next week, with each year group starting on different days.

Please make note of which day you child is due back in school:

  • Year 7: Join Kingsmeadow on Wednesday 2nd September
  • Year 8, 9, 10 and 11: Return to school on Thursday 3rd September
  • Year 12: Enrol on Wednesday 2nd September and return to school on Monday 7th September
  • Year 13: Enrol on Tuesday 1st September and return to school on Monday 7th September