Woodwind Demonstration

This week, musician and teacher Jamie Toms case into school to give year 7 a demonstration of woodwind instruments. He showed them the clarinet, flute and saxophone, played some pieces and had some student volunteers to see if they could make a sound on any of the instruments.

Miss Tindall explained to year 7 that Jamie Toms will be joining the Music Department after half term and explained more about the opportunity to learn a woodwind instrument with him in school.

World Voice Project

Students from Kingsmeadow Choir and Youth Theatre group worked with a vocal leader from Columbia as part of a World Voice Project which took place in school this week.

Dunston Hill, Lobley Hill and Caedmon primary schools joined with Kingsmeadow students for the final showcase to perform songs they have been learning throughout the project.

The project has been organised by The British Council, The Sage and Gateshead Music Service.

Fiesta Nacional!

Thursday 12th October was the official Day of Spain or Fiesta Nacional and to celebrate this our students have enjoyed a number of Spanish activities and delights.

All registers throughout the day were answered to in Spanish and students were encouraged to speak in Spanish whenever possible. Students were also treated to a delicious Spanish themed menu and even ordered their food in the language!

During tutor time students attempted some Spanish tongue twisters and listened to Spanish pop music. Well done to all students for showing our character trait of courage.