Mongezi Sibanda – EVOKE Winner!

Congratulations to Kingsmeadow student Mongezi Sibanda who has been selected as the Gateshead Local Authority winner of the Sainsbury’s School Games EVOKE cross curricular History Challenge.

Mongezi won the competition after his poem “Christmas Truce” was voted the best poem out of all of the entries submitted by hundreds of students from across the county.

Mongezi will now attend events in Newcastle and North Shields where he will work with other local authority winners to create a commemorative poppy and to raise awareness about the impact the Great War had on communities.


Solar Eclipse

Kingsmeadow students gathered this morning to witness the first solar eclipse this country has seen since 1999. The vast majority of our students were not even born when this last occurred, so this was a momentous event for them.

Despite some cloud cover, students were able to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon using pin hole viewers constructed in class, so they could safely watch events unfold. The next event of this type will not occur until 2026, so was is truly a once in a generation experience.