Business Studies

Year 9-11

Students following the BTEC business studies course receive two one hour lessons each week. Lessons in Year 9 are focused on coursework, in Year 10 the focus switches to the exam content (business finance) and in year 11 students complete the final two units of coursework. The course is a 120 guided learning hour qualification (equivalent in teaching time to one GCSE).

Students follow core units (60 guided hours) and optional units (60 learning hours).  There are two core units. One focuses on essential knowledge and the other focuses on applying essential vocational skills. Students will follow core  unit 1 (enterprise in the business world). They will also follow core unit 2 (finance for business which is externally assessed by an online exam and contributes 25% to the final grade). There are two optional specialist units. Students will follow optional unit 3: (promoting a brand) and optional unit 6 (introducing retail business).

Students will be graded at Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit, Level 2 Distinction, Level 2 Distinction *, Level 1 and Unclassified.

Year 12

Students follow the CTEC Business Studies course in year 12.
Students studying Business Studies in year 12 will produce portfolios of work for:
• Unit 1: The business environment
• Unit 2: Business resources
• Unit 3: Introduction to marketing
Students will be assessed and graded (Distinction, Merit or Pass) through successful completion of assignments which mainly take the form of reports and presentations.

Year 13

Students follow the CTEC Business Studies course in Year 13.
Students studying Business Studies in Year 13 will produce portfolios of work for:
• Unit 6: Business communications
• Unit 9: Creative product promotion
• Unit 14: Managing a business event
Students will again be assessed through successful completion of their assignments consisting of case studies, reports and presentations and be awarded a final grade which could be either a Distinction star (D*), Distinction, Merit or Pass. This level 3 qualification gives full credit towards UCAS points should a student wish to apply for university entry.