Kingsmeadow School Report

The school has teamed up with BBC School Report to keep you informed of all things Kingsmeadow following the Christmas break.

The Report will include everything from sports news, to debates on the big issues in school and in the community. Students will also recreate stories to fit the Kingsmeadow angle from regional, national and international sources.

A team of Key Stage 3 reporters have been working with materials created and sent by the BBC in order to sharpen journalistic skill and knowhow and a member of the BBC’s production team is expected in the near future to add even more to the skillsets already present.

Some of the material created may appear on the BBC’s own website, and even live on the BBC news channel, as part of the School Report takeover day in March 2018.

Tommy, a year 7 School Reporter,  said this of the opportunity to take part: “It seems like a very good way to get students involved in the community.”

Emilia, a School Reporter also in year 7 said: I think the BBC is a great idea to advance a young person’s mindset; I am very glad to be a part of this project.”

Mr Lennox, who is overseeing the project, said: “The School Report is ideal opportunity, not only to improve students’ communication skills and skills in literacy, but it is also a great opportunity for those who may want to join the project in later years to see what can be achieved by this year’s reporters.”

If you know of any stories, or interesting topics, the School Report team could research, seek out one of our student reporters or speak to Mr Lennox in the English department.

By Kingsmeadow School Report team

Kingsmeadow Predicts… FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia


With the world cup just around the corner, thousands of fans are inflating their hopes that their team can go far.  Let’s take a look at some of their chances.

The Group Stage

As you can see by the draw, the group of death is clearly group E, which consists of Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Group A

In group A, it is most likely that Uruguay will top the group. It will be a close chase for second with Egypt and hosts Russia in the running. I would hypothesise that Russia will come second.

Group B

In group B, it is speculated that Spain will top the group with Portugal being a close second.

Group C

Group C is likely to contain a whitewash being topped by France. In second, media sources are predicting Peru will pull through, while in reality, Denmark have players such as Eriksen, Schmeichel and Christensen. They have a lot of experience too so it is also likely that Denmark will be the runners up of Group C.

Group D

Argentina are hotly tipped favourites to win this group. Second place could depend on whether Iceland can repeat Euro 2016 and cause an upset. In reality, it is likely that Croatia will finish second due to the fact that they have experience in players such as Rakitic and Modric.

Group E

Brazil, the team that have won the most world cups with five, are expected to wash out Group E with key players being Gabriel Jesus, Neymar and Coutinho. In second, it is too hard to call; it could be either Switzerland, Costa Rica or Serbia. In my opinion, I think Serbia will come second.

Group F

Germany, current champions, will be looking to defend their title with a group win. Sweden will be expected to come second, despite the fact that star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been left at home. Their key player will be Emil Forsberg.

Group G

Group G will consist of a race between Belgium and England to top the group. It is expected that both will dump Panama and Tunisia and it will come down to the final game of the group stage, England vs Belgium to see who will top Group G. My prediction would be England to finish top.

Group H

In group H, it is most likely Poland and Columbia will be the two nations qualifying for the round of 16. However, it will probably come down to their game against each other to see who takes the top spot. My prediction would be Poland first and Columbia second.

Round Of 16

Assuming my group stage predictions are correct, these will be the fixtures for the round of 16:

  • Uruguay v Portugal     – A
  • Spain v Russia – B
  • France v Croatia – C
  • Argentina v Denmark  – D
  • Brazil v Sweden – E
  • Germany v Serbia – F
  • England v Columbia – G
  • Belgium v Poland – H

Game A

Portugal will be expected to pull off a win in this game with their key players being Ronaldo, Nani and Pepe.

Game B

Spain will be expected to dismiss the home nation of the competition in the round of 16. It is expected that Russia’s key player will be talisman Smolov.

Game C

While on paper this is a relatively close matchup, France’s quality and experience in their first eleven will probably have too much class for the Croatians and see them knocked out in the round of 16.

Game D

This will likely be a very tight game, but due to players such as Messi and Pastore, it is expected that Argentina will knock Denmark out at this stage of the tournament.

Game E

Five time winners Brazil will be expected to ‘batter’ Sweden with goals from Neymar and Jesus.

Game F

Current champions Germany will be expected to pull off a victory against Serbia at the St Petersburg stadium. Serbia will not be expected to get into the game at all.

Game G

England will be hotly tipped favourites in this matchup with striker Harry Kane expected to get on the scoresheet.

Game H

Belgium will be highly favoured in this game, despite the fact that they usually flop in big tournaments.

Quarter Finals

Sticking with my predictions for the round of 16, here’s how the quarter finals will shape up:

  • Portugal v France – A
  • Spain v Argentina – B
  • Brazil v England – C
  • Germany v Belgium – D

Game A

This was the Euro 2016 final matchup, in which Portugal triumphed. However, it is unlikely that this will happen again. For that reason, I think France will go through.

Game B

2010 WC Africa winners Spain will be tipped to dump Argentina out of the competition this summer with key players including De Gea, Iniesta and Isco.

Game C


Brazil will be tipped to knock out England in this quarter final with key players being Neymar, Jesus and Coutinho.


Game D

Reigning champions Germany will be expected on paper to offload the Belgians from the competition. The two similar flags will meet in Samara and key players for Germany will be Timo Werner and Thomas Muller.


Here is how the semi finals shape up:

  • France v Brazil – A
  • Spain v Germany – B

Game A

This will be a very close game between two evenly matched sides. However, it is likely that France will triumph over the Brazilians in Russia with the match being a goal gallery.

Game B

This semi-final consists of the previous two tournament winners, Spain and Germany. Germany, the reigning champions, will be tipped to go onto the final in a very close game.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Finals

The stage is set. Two great teams. Two great enemies. Finals day. It will be tipped to be a very close game between two excellent teams but Germany will be expected to come out on top and retain their title as world champions.

By  Nathan Alexander and Dan Peart, year 7.

The Return of the Beast From the East!

The return of ‘The Beast’… For a reported third time

A few weeks ago, frigid weather swept the UK, filling it with snow, ice and freezing temperatures. This piercingly cold weather was given the term ‘Beast from the East’, as it came from eastern countries such as Russia. This happened because of a jump in temperature over the Arctic which weakened a jet stream that brought warm air from the US to the UK, so freezing air from Eastern countries drifted over.

Everything was blanketed in thick snow – more than four inches thick in numerous places. Schools were closed, shops ran out of stock and cars were stranded all over the country. Mayhem broke out all over the country.

Luckily the terrible weather finally cleared about a week after it started, but now more cold weather has made its way to the UK. Being called the ‘Mini Beast from the East’ and ‘Beast from the East 2’.

Now in remission after a poor showing in the North East compared to its predecessor, the second ‘Beast’ is no longer. Now though, a third installment has been touted by some news outlets and there are claims the latest ‘Beast’ in the series could grant us a ‘White Easter’. Is this a weather one of or a new trend to watch out for?

By Tommy, Year 7

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East: Could students be missing quality learning due to UK snow?

All across Europe last week there were treacherous snowstorms and blizzards. This extreme weather – named ‘The Beast from the East’ – affected the UK in many different ways. I wanted to ask the question: was it worth it?

We all like a day off school or work, and there are many positives from taking a break, but is three days too much disruption? Some students and parents had their say on the Beast.

I spoke to Parent Governor and Trading Standards Officer Tracey Johnson to find out more.

She said: “I think that children and adults weren’t missing too much because it is nice to have family time and do things as a family.”

Also, they could have risked their own safety traveling from home and traveling home.”

I then spoke to a primary school student to ask their opinion on the snow days: “I think snow days are an opportunity to bond with your friends and to learn about the dangers of the snow.”

So it appears we all like our snow days, but it remains to be seen what the long-term impact could be on student outcomes and parent patience should the Beast, or something similar, make a habit of returning to UK shores!

By Libby – year 7