Kingsmeadow School Report

The school has teamed up with BBC School Report to keep you informed of all things Kingsmeadow following the Christmas break.

The Report will include everything from sports news, to debates on the big issues in school and in the community. Students will also recreate stories to fit the Kingsmeadow angle from regional, national and international sources.

A team of Key Stage 3 reporters have been working with materials created and sent by the BBC in order to sharpen journalistic skill and knowhow and a member of the BBC’s production team is expected in the near future to add even more to the skillsets already present.

Some of the material created may appear on the BBC’s own website, and even live on the BBC news channel, as part of the School Report takeover day in March 2018.

Tommy, a year 7 School Reporter,  said this of the opportunity to take part: “It seems like a very good way to get students involved in the community.”

Emilia, a School Reporter also in year 7 said: I think the BBC is a great idea to advance a young person’s mindset; I am very glad to be a part of this project.”

Mr Lennox, who is overseeing the project, said: “The School Report is ideal opportunity, not only to improve students’ communication skills and skills in literacy, but it is also a great opportunity for those who may want to join the project in later years to see what can be achieved by this year’s reporters.”

If you know of any stories, or interesting topics, the School Report team could research, seek out one of our student reporters or speak to Mr Lennox in the English department.

By Kingsmeadow School Report team

The Return of the Beast From the East!

The return of ‘The Beast’… For a reported third time

A few weeks ago, frigid weather swept the UK, filling it with snow, ice and freezing temperatures. This piercingly cold weather was given the term ‘Beast from the East’, as it came from eastern countries such as Russia. This happened because of a jump in temperature over the Arctic which weakened a jet stream that brought warm air from the US to the UK, so freezing air from Eastern countries drifted over.

Everything was blanketed in thick snow – more than four inches thick in numerous places. Schools were closed, shops ran out of stock and cars were stranded all over the country. Mayhem broke out all over the country.

Luckily the terrible weather finally cleared about a week after it started, but now more cold weather has made its way to the UK. Being called the ‘Mini Beast from the East’ and ‘Beast from the East 2’.

Now in remission after a poor showing in the North East compared to its predecessor, the second ‘Beast’ is no longer. Now though, a third installment has been touted by some news outlets and there are claims the latest ‘Beast’ in the series could grant us a ‘White Easter’. Is this a weather one of or a new trend to watch out for?

By Tommy, Year 7

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East: Could students be missing quality learning due to UK snow?

All across Europe last week there were treacherous snowstorms and blizzards. This extreme weather – named ‘The Beast from the East’ – affected the UK in many different ways. I wanted to ask the question: was it worth it?

We all like a day off school or work, and there are many positives from taking a break, but is three days too much disruption? Some students and parents had their say on the Beast.

I spoke to Parent Governor and Trading Standards Officer Tracey Johnson to find out more.

She said: “I think that children and adults weren’t missing too much because it is nice to have family time and do things as a family.”

Also, they could have risked their own safety traveling from home and traveling home.”

I then spoke to a primary school student to ask their opinion on the snow days: “I think snow days are an opportunity to bond with your friends and to learn about the dangers of the snow.”

So it appears we all like our snow days, but it remains to be seen what the long-term impact could be on student outcomes and parent patience should the Beast, or something similar, make a habit of returning to UK shores!

By Libby – year 7

KFC Crisis

Kingsmeadow Reacts To… The KFC Crisis

Recently, well-known chicken brand KFC has fallen under an unfortunate chicken shortage because of their chicken supplier (DHL) failing to deliver chicken to their restaurants.

This is, obviously, an absolute catastrophe, as a lot of people are going without chicken. This also affects KFC financially, as they’re not selling anything for the foreseeable future.

The ‘closed’ notice on the doors of all their restaurants reads:

“We deliver our chicken fresh into our restaurants, but we’ve had a few hiccups with the delivery today. We wouldn’t want to open without offering our full menu, but we’ll be back at the fryers as soon as we can!”

Here’s year 7 student Evan’s opinion on the recent happenings: “This doesn’t seem as much of a problem as other things such as wars and starvation. It’s just a minor setback in the KFC brand. There’s nothing really bad happening with the situation currently; it’s just a shortage.”

Another year 7 student, who wished to remain anonymous, had this to say about it:

“It’s disgraceful because they are a popular brand and they have no more chicken. What are the suppliers thinking? They have to be refilling the chicken excessively because everybody loves chicken.”

The problem should be fixed in the coming days or weeks, and soon enough KFC will be up and running again.

By Tommy, year 7