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Kingsmeadow Reacts To… USA – North Korea Tensions

We all know about North Korea’s recent actions with their military launching several nuclear missile tests as of late. We also know that North Korea is a corrupt nation under the leadership of dictator Kim Jong-Un. Tensions are only rising as United States President Donald Trump has continued the verbal war with the so-called ‘Hermit Kingdom’.

Year 7 student Evan, had this to say about the possible war: “I think it is quite silly as there is no need for rising tensions!

I do not believe that they can’t just make up and agree on a deal that works for both of them. If he (Kim Jong-Un) attacks the US, tensions will become even higher and a war will almost definitely start.”

Recently, North Korea have conducted a missile test near Japan and that has understandably risen tensions. As well as this there has been a nuclear scare in Hawaii, although this was in fact simply human error.

Many commentators on this issue consider Donald Trump’s actions to be no less that inflammatory. Here’s what Year 7 student Christopher had to say on Trump’s involvement: “His recent actions are out of order and he needs to stop thinking of himself and think what is best for America. From what I have heard I think Oprah Winfrey should take office.”

Nuclear strikes are still a threat to almost all of the world, and both North Korea and USA are at the forefront of this looming threat.

The threat affects the UK too, as we are close allies with the US. This is Year 7 student Bradley’s opinion of the situation: “I think they shouldn’t be doing it, this will almost definitely lead to something bigger.”

We can now only hope that Kim Jong-Un changes his ways or Trump gets impeached or voted out of office. We encourage readers to pay attention to this tension and remain vigilant.

By Tommy – year 7

Top 5 Best Performing Football Teams 17/18

Top 5 best performing football teams 17/18 season

1 – Manchester City

Man City broke the Premier League record with 18 wins in a row before their incredible, no doubt title-winning run, was ended by Liverpool. They are top of the league by 13 points.

2 – Barcelona

The Spanish giants are rocking La Liga this season, they are top of the league and have recently signed Philippe Coutinho. Surely they will win the league a ninth time this year!

3 – PSG

One of the richest clubs in the world, they have an excellent team and that means that they almost certainly will win the league. At least that is how it’s looking…They have won the league 6 times in their long history.

4 – Bayern Munich

The German giants never play badly, or so it seems. With a great goalkeeper, defence and especially attack, they are expected to win the league, just like they have won the title 9 times out of the last 13.

5 – Manchester Utd

Although they aren’t top of the league, they have only lost 4 games out of 25, and especially with the latest signing of Alexis Sanchez, I don’t think they will lose many more. They have won the Premier League a whopping 13 times and they will be looking to add to that next season.

  • Newcastle United…

Now, let’s talk about my team, Newcastle United. They may not be great now, but we used to be one of the greatest teams in England with legends like Shearer, Beardsley, Sol Campbell and Michael Owen all staring for the Magpies for varying lengths of time. Not that long ago, in 2012/13 season, we finished fifth qualifying for the Europa League. We were knocked out in the Quarter Final by Benfica and it’s been downhill since then. We are currently sitting 15th in the Premier League with 24 points but let’s hope this is a platform from which we can challenge those big names listed above in seasons to come!By Alfie, year 7.

Top 5 Urban Legends

An urban legend is a story that is essentially fiction BUT some are true. Here are some urban legends from the UK. You can decide if they’re real…

1.The Lambton Worm

This is the legend tells of young John Lambton, son of a noble family in County Durham, who was fishing in the River Wear on a Sunday. When he was unable to catch a fish, he cursed the river, and immediately hooked an ugly little black worm which he later disposed of, in disgust, in the local well. This worm was to grow into a great serpent-like monster which blighted Lambton village and wreaked havoc in the area whilst John was away fighting in the Crusades for seven years.When he came back he visited a witch and got armour and a sword to kill the beast for good.He then became a hero…

2.Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a myth where you go into a bathroom, light some candles and turn off the lights.To make ‘bloody Mary’ appear you have to chant bloody Mary as many times as it takes to make her appear, but when you leave the bathroom, will she leave with you?

3.Slender Man

The Slender Man’s story is to abduct people, often children who seem to willingly go with the figure never to be seen again, making him a terrifying version of the Pied Piper. He is a tall man with long arms and he always wears a black suit and a red tie. If you are familiar with this story you will also know that he has no face…

4.The Clown Statue

A teenager was babysitting a couple of children. After they went to bed, she started watching T.V. in a room that had a life-sized clown statue in it. After a while, she began to feel like the clown was watching her. Creeped out, she rang the parents to ask if she could cover it up. They immediately told her to take the kids to a neighbour’s house and call the police. When they got home, they told her they didn’t have a clown statue. It was a real person.

5.The Man at the Window

A girl was sitting at home alone one night. Looking out the window, she suddenly saw a man there, watching her. She quickly hid under a blanket on the sofa and called the police, not moving until they arrived. When they came, they looked everywhere, checking for footsteps outside. Not finding anything, they came back in to see the girl and only then saw the wet footsteps leading up to the sofa. “You’re very lucky,” they told her. “It was a reflection you saw; the man was inside the whole time.”

By Jessica – Year 7