How will the Curriculum Model work at Kingsmeadow?

As part of our Year 8 option process students and parents will receive support including:

  • Learning for Life days used to inform students about the range of option choices and their links to careers. This will lead to them making provisional option choices (with parent/carer support).
  • The option blocks will be produced from the student provisional choices in an attempt to give all students the curriculum best suited to their needs/interests.
  • Parent Consultation Days and a Year 8 Option Evening will play a lead role in allowing students, parents and carers to consider the options available before making their final selections.
  • Students take part in a careers fair early in year 8 in order to inform students about the different career pathways available to them and talk to real employers and higher education providers.

Throughout the Year 8 options process, parents/carers can arrange to meet individually with teachers to discuss any concerns/issues they may have with regard to their child’s option choices.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Model for Year 9 to 11

Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4  Core 5 Humanities Option 1 Option 2 Option  3
English or English Literature Maths Science Dual Award Core PE and RE Computing Geography or History GCSE or BTEC Option GCSE or BTEC Option GCSE or BTEC Option