Exam Information and Advice

Exam Check List

  • Remember to check and double check your exam timetable. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions or queries please ask.
  • Aim to arrive at school 30 minutes prior to an exam AT THE LATEST. It is much better to leave yourself extra time in case of problems with your journey. If you think you are going to be late, telephone school as soon as possible.
  • Full uniform MUST be worn for all exams.
  • Water bottles are allowed in the exam hall, but these must be clear bottles and the label should be removed.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and handed in. If your phone rings in your possession during the exam there is a good chance that your exam will be cancelled.
  • You should not have notes, iPods etc. in your possession.
  • In the exam hall, you must put your bags and coats at the back of the hall. Please do not leave any valuables in your bags.
  • You must use a black pen only. Do not use gel pens.
  • Read all instructions thoroughly.
  • There is absolutely no talking or communication between students once the exam papers have been handed out. If you have any questions, you should raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you.
  • When you have finished your exam, read through your work.
  • Once the exam is finished, you must remain seated and wait until your row is dismissed. You must collect your belongings from the cupboard and leave the room quietly and in an orderly fashion. Remember, some students may still be working.
  • If you miss any exam/s due to medical reasons you MUST produce a medical note from your GP.
  • If you miss your exam/s because you ‘forgot’, ‘slept-in’ or any other non-medical reason YOU WILL BE CHARGED.