Exam Results 2017

Progress 8 (P8)

This measure shows how well students have progressed in terms of their outcomes based on their scores in the Key Stage 2 SATs at primary school.  A score of 0 would indicate that all students had on average achieved their targeted progress in all subjects.  A score of -1 would indicate that on average all students had missed their targets in all subjects by one grade.

The release of the school league tables on 25th January 2018 shows that overall, students at Kingsmeadow have achieved a P8 score of 0.02.  This is significantly above the average for schools in Gateshead (-0.12).  This is the most important measure of the value that schools are adding as it demonstrates how pupils of all abilities progress.

Kingsmeadow embraces students of all abilities and backgrounds and we pride ourselves on believing in every student.  We take double the national average of disadvantaged students and these students perform far better here than the national average (roughly 0.12 better in terms of Progress 8).  Students who are not from what are classed as disadvantaged backgrounds also perform significantly better than average (0.28 above the national figure for all students or 0.18 above the national figure for non-disadvantaged students).

English and Math Basics

This measure tracks the percentage of students that have achieved a standard pass (a 4 or better) in both maths and English. This year this figure was 39%. The English team had some of the best results the school has ever seen, with 67% of students achieving a 4 or better.  A phenomenal achievement!

While there were numerous students who did extremely well in Yr 11, of particular note are Angel Bautista, Damon Tweedy Gray and Hannah Hood, who between them achieved 19 A/A*/9 in amongst all their grades.  A brilliant set of results!

Sixth Form Success

Congratulations to our Year 13 students who achieved some fantastic grades, culminating in a pass rate of 97.5%, on A level results day.  This year’s cohort worked extremely hard to generate some impressive individual results across applied general, technical level and A level awards against the backdrop of A level reform, reduced coursework and increased examination.  Furthermore, 100% of students who applied to university gained their first choice place, with several other students securing apprenticeships.  Well done to you all.

Billie Houghton, who demonstrated a fantastic attitude to learning throughout sixth form, achieved three Distinction* grades, reflecting her studious approach to her subjects of ICT, business and engineering, and Jessica Baird, similarly, achieved two Distinction* and one Distinction in engineering, science and business.  Both students are leaving Kingsmeadow to pursue careers in the health service.

Likewise, Rachel Gray achieved top grades in ICT and science as well as her A level in English language and literature, and will now study media and journalism at Northumbria University, while Abigail Thompson, who achieved a C, a B and a Distinction, will shortly begin an apprenticeship. Many other Year 13 students achieved similar grade profiles and we wish them all well on the next stages of their chosen career pathways.

Our Year 12 students also achieved some admirable results – one outstanding example being Niall Wilson who gained three A grades at AS level in psychology, chemistry and biology. Niall summed up the effort of many of our students when he revealed that he was thankful that “the hard work has paid off.”

We wish all of our students well for the future and look forward to welcoming our new sixth form cohort in September. To those who are leaving us, please keep in touch to let us know how you are progressing and sign up to our alumni group on the school website so that we can highlight events which may be of interest to you.

Why has our headline pass measure for English and maths GCSE dropped?

Since last year, the main performance measure that schools are held to account on is Progress 8; showing the average progress of students in our school in eight subjects, including English and maths, based on their primary starting-points, compared to similar students nationally. A Progress 8 score of ‘0’ is average.

This has replaced the old measure of the percentage of students achieving a C+ in five subjects, including English and maths. This year, the English and maths GCSEs were changed. Part of this change was a change to the grading system from A*-G, to 9-1. A new grade 4 is roughly the same as an old grade C.

As well as Progress 8, the DfE also publish the percentage of students who achieved a ‘strong pass’ in both English and maths. This year, with the new GCSEs, the definition of a ‘strong pass’ changed from an old C+, to a new 5+ (not a 4+). Far fewer students nationally achieve a 5+ in English and maths, than achieve a 4+.

63.9% of students nationally achieved a 4+ in both subjects, compared to only 39.6% achieving a 5+.

The % of students achieving a 4+ in both English and Maths Kingsmeadow was 39%, and the % of students achieving a 5+ was 17%. As you can see, this does not reflect a decline in our results, but a national trend based on how schools are measured.

This change, along with the reformed new GCSEs which have more challenging content and assessment, means it’s difficult to compare performance between this year and last year.

This statement was prepared by SSAT for schools to give a context for the latest set of results.