Exam Results 2016

The way that the performance of schools is measured has changed significantly this year. There are four main measures for results that are explained below.

Attainment 8

This measure is based on how well students perform across eight subject areas selected from three specific groups with English and maths counting double.  At Kingsmeadow, these subject groups are as follows: English (language or literature) and maths; the best performing subjects to a maximum of three out of any science, geography, history, Spanish or computing; and finally, the best three subjects not already selected.  Each grade receives a score as shown in the table below and then these grades are averaged across all students to create an Average Attainment 8 score for the school.

GCSE Grade 2016 Points 2017 and 2018 Points
G 1.00 1.00
F 2.00 1.50
E 3.00 2.00
D 4.00 3.00
C 5.00 4.00
B 6.00 5.50
A 7.00 7.00
A* 8.00 8.50

Progress 8

This measure shows how well students have progressed in terms of Attainment 8 based on their scores in the Key Stage 2 SATs at primary school.  A score of 0 would indicate that all students had on average achieved their targeted progress in all subjects.  A score of -1 would indicate that on average all students had missed their targets in all subjects by one grade.

Currently, these targets are estimates, and will change when the government finalises this year’s results and because of our success this year, we are hopeful that our results will improve still further, but the current estimated figure of -0.15 suggests that on average, our students achieved their targeted grades in 8.5 out of 10 scoring subjects.  Because of the statistical variation that is inherent in this calculation, an ‘Upper Confidence and Lower Confidence’ are also published with the data.

English and Math Basics

This measure tracks how many of our students have achieved what the government terms a ‘good pass’ (currently a C grade) in both English and maths.


This measure plots the percentage of students who achieve a ‘good pass’ in each of the following: English, maths, sciences, a humanities subject and a modern foreign language.

Kingsmeadow’s results – and the phenomenal improvement from last year – are shown in the table below.

2016 Result  Improvement from 2015 (with 2015 progress coefficients)
Average Attainment 8 47.40 17%
Progress 8

-0.15 (2015 CE)

Upper Confidence:

+0.05 (2015 CE) -0.12 (2016 CE)

-0.32 (2016 CE)

0.42 (nearly half a grade more against target in every subject for every student, or more that half a grade for each student at the upper confidence)
% EBacc 17.0 84%
% Basics 47 (51% with November entry) 42%