Fire Procedures

Evacuation Procedures

Instructions to staff

  1. In the event of the fire alarm sounding in the Main School Building:
  • Anyone detecting a fire should sound the nearest alarm. This will trigger a visit by the Fire Brigade automatically.
  • Office staff will advise the Life Long Learning Centre (LLC) of the fire. Anyone associated with the school WILL evacuate the building to Fire Assembly Point A.

Staff will supervise the exit of students to Fire Assembly Point A, the tarmac area to the left of the Sports Hall.  All staff including Kitchen, Pinnacle, Engie and visitors will assemble at this point.  The Kitchen – Mrs Bainbridge and in her absence Mrs Dorritt – are responsible for their own staff/visitor roll call.

A representative from Engie will meet and direct the Fire Brigade


Fire exits are positioned throughout the building and are clearly marked so that staff and students can evacuate quickly and safely.

  • Everyone will leave the building in an orderly manner. CLOSE DOORS DO NOT LOCK THEM.  School bags should be left in the classrooms. Once outside no attempt should be made to re-enter the building.  
  • Mrs Forster, or in her absence Mrs Ronan will take registers to assembly point A and hand to Heads of Standards for KS3 & KS4.  
  • Upon arrival at the Fire Assembly Point form tutors should collect their registers from the Heads of Standards and cross check absences. Tutor Groups should line up alphabetically and in silence. If the form tutor is absent the member of staff assigned to the form class is responsible for checking the register.
  • When the checking of students is complete the form tutor (or whoever is covering the form) will report to the relevant Head of Standards (or in their absence Mrs Richardson) handing over the completed registers and reporting any student absence. The Heads of Standards will hand over the registers to Mr Barrett reporting any student absence or in his absence Mr Volpe.  
  • All Sixth Form students (including those working in the LLC) will evacuate to Fire Assembly Point A, reporting to Tutors. Tutors will then report any absences on registers to Mr Hood (or in his absence Mrs McGarry). Any absences will be then reported to Mr Barrett. If there is a fire in the LLC they will assemble at Fire Assembly Point B (LLC Main Car Park).
  • Teaching staff not attached to a form class along with student teachers/student visitors, associate staff and visitors should report to Mrs Rodaway and Mrs Mills. Disabled staff or regular visitors to the school with a disability will be provided with an individual evacuation plan by the Business Manager.  The plan will be tailored to individual needs and is likely to give detailed information of their movements during an escape.  Any staff or visitor not accounted for should be reported to Mr Barrett / Mr Volpe.
  • Mr Volpe will oversee the evacuation to the assembly point including timings.
  • Students should remain in their assembled lines in a quiet orderly manner until the building has been given the ‘all clear’ by the Fire Brigade in consultation with Engie & Mr Volpe / Mrs Webb. Mr Barrett will then be informed to dismiss the students.  
  • Staff/students with mobility difficulties will have a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) put in place for them by the H&S Coordinator.  A PEEP is a plan tailored to secure the safety of the named individual by identifying the members of staff who will assist in carrying out the evacuation and safe evacuation routes. Individuals named in the PEEP sign the document so that they know that arrangements are in place for them and the staff expected to aid the evacuation receive a copy. 

If the use of an evacuation chair has been identified within the PEEP then only staff who have undertaken the relevant training will be used as part of the plan so that it can be undertaken safely. Evacuation Chairs are situated at the top of the stairs which leads to the Learning Zone (FD19) and at the top of the stairs at the end of the Humanities blue corridor (FA18).

Fire Warden – areas of responsibility:

Upper Floor

Mr Georgeson – Blue Corridor teaching/toilet areas, Attendance Office, Pinnacle Office

Mrs Richardson – Red Corridor teaching/toilet areas, Music Rooms, Asdan Classroom, KS3 Office

Mr Thompson – Control Room, Learning Zone, Pastoral Office, Support Zone, Mrs Richardson’s Office, Staff Room, old SLT Corridor/toilet areas

Mrs Stringer and if necessary, Mrs Meakin to cover any upper floor, Fire Warden absence.

Lower Floor

Mrs Webb – Main Reception, Office Areas, Meeting Room (GB23), PE Areas, ICE Room, toilet areas

Mr Steel – White Corridor teaching areas/toilets

Miss Pattison – Green Corridor teaching areas/toilets, Directors Office

Mrs Ronan – Main Hall, Dining Room, Drama Classrooms

Mrs Smith to cover any lower floor, Fire Warden absence.

In the event of a fire in the LLC:

The Caretaker or in his absence the Nursery School will contact the Fire Service advising them to access school through the main gates (Fire Access Point 1). They will also advise the main school office of the fire. Only the LLC will be evacuated.

Evacuate Premises

Staff will supervise the exit of students to Fire Assembly Point B (LLC Main Car Park)

Staff and pupils will evacuate via the following doors:

  1. Upper Floor – through Main Entrance/Rear Fire Escape
  2. Lower Floor – through fire doors located at the rear and side of the building

The following people will meet and direct the Fire Brigade:

The LLC Caretaker or in his absence Nursery Staff.

The Caretaker or in his absence Nursery Staff will take the LLC Visitor Book to the Fire Assembly Point.

External Groups

The following groups have a base in the Lifelong Learning Centre.  

  • The Beehive Club
  • Evolution Football Academy
  • Sixth Form

The Beehive Club are responsible for their own staff/children/visitor roll calls. Evolution and Sixth Form will follow the schools main school evacuation policy in the event of an emergency. If the emergency is in the LLC then they will follow the procedures for that building.