About The Academy

New Squad Players

The Kingsmeadow Football Academy is now in its 2nd academic year and we’ve welcomed another 30 players into the Academy and as part of Year 7 in Kingsmeadow.

This has taken our numbers from 16 to 46 players who receive 6-8 hours of professional coaching on a weekly basis throughout the 39 week school year.

The academy allows the players the opportunity to enjoy and develop within a challenging professional football programme whilst gaining an outstanding education here at Kingsmeadow.

How it Works

Each year a selection process takes place by Evolution Football Coaching and their experienced coaching staff to identify a group of boys and girls to take part in the programme starting in Year 7. This selection process takes place each year, identifying talented young footballers to join the programme.

What benefits do the players receive?

All players that are accepted into the academy will receive a minimum of 6-8 hours professional coaching on a weekly basis from highly qualified coaching, in conjunction with their daily education at Kingsmeadow.

Academy Manager, Ross McKay and the coaching staff at the Kingsmeadow Football Academy are all ex-professionals with a relevant background and knowledge of what it takes to excel in the professional game at various levels. Each coach is able to draw from their personal experience and qualifications within coaching and sport to ensure that each player who is part of the academy has the opportunity to excel and develop to the best of their ability over the 5 year period.

However, this cannot be achieved without the student’s educational development, and this remains our primary focus. Each individual attends Kingsmeadow firstly as a student with a view to learn, develop and excel in the school environment. Doing this will also assist their development within the Football Academy.

The programme is designed to help develop  committed, enthusiastic students both in education and football and to encourage positive key life skills such as work ethic, time management, desire to succeed, teamwork and respect

The programme will enable the players to:

– Maximise their potential to excel in football

– Showcase their potential to a wider audience, including professional clubs

– Acquire coaching/refereeing qualifications in future years

– Progress in the Academy Sixth Form programme

– Access  US scholarship programmes

– Access partner university courses

Get in Touch

If you would like any further information about the Kingsmeadow Football Academy or if you would like to register your child’s interest then you can contact Academy Manager, Ross McKay by email: