Governors’ Annual Report 2013/14

Governors Annual Report 2013/14

2013/14 was a significant year for the school.  The previous head teacher, Barbara Rouse, had retired at the end of the summer term 2013 after overseeing year on year school improvement.  The new head teacher, Doug Pettitt, started in September 2013 with an even more challenging agenda to improve the school’s results and increase student numbers.  The governors were much involved in moving the school forward.

During the year, we met frequently with the head teacher and his senior staff, working through the full governing body, committee meetings, our new Action Group and fortnightly meetings of the chair and vice-chair with the head teacher.

During the year we were involved in:

  • Developing the school’s vision
  • Monitoring the head teacher’s detailed improvement plan for the school
  • Monitoring academic achievement and progress
  • Designing and implementing a new staffing structure
  • Developing new approaches to the curriculum to respond to government changes to exams, introducing a 3-year Key Stage 4, and to introduce new project-based learning in years 7 and 8
  • Redesigning the schools’ pastoral structure and arrangements
  • Dealing with the impact of a very tight school budget
  • Discussing and agreeing the new pay policy for the school
  • Changing the school day on Tuesdays to allow for extra-curricular activities for the students and training for staff
  • Discussing and approving the new chrome-book scheme for year 7
  • The design and introduction of the new school uniform
  • Marketing the school in the local community

We held our annual conference in January 2014, giving us an opportunity to get into the detail of student performance and what needed to be improved.

During the year we set up our Action Group, a group of governors and local authority senior officers who are able to spend more time on the detail of performance and opportunities for improvement.  We received detailed reports from the head teacher and senior staff, talked to departmental heads about how they work together to improve student achievement, and discussed proposals for the new project-based learning initiative for years 7 and 8.

We were very pleased at the end of the year to see improvements in student achievement and to see student numbers going up as the school’s reputation in the local community grows.

These improvements were made possible by the dedication and very hard work of the head teacher and all school staff, who have worked well under considerable pressure to implement new ways of working.