Kingsmeadow has introduced a new House System for all staff and students, whereby every student and member of staff will be placed into one of four houses. Each house will be represented by their own logo and house colour. The houses each represent a famous landmark in the North-East, focusing on the rich heritage of our region, each with its own individual style.

Events will be organised throughout the year, whereby all houses will take part and compete to be the winning house. Points will be awarded for each event and at the end of the year the house with the most points will be announced.

Students can collect house points throughout the year either in lessons, tutor time, by representing the school and through house competitions, such as spelling bees, Accelerated Reader and sporting events to name just a few.

A running order of points will be kept on our Behaviour Watch system and as well as gaining points for good work, students can lose points for poor behaviour, non-attendance, and not being equipped for school etc.