Pupil Premium

What is the pupil premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding that schools receive to support students from low income families who are eligible for free school meals (at any time in the last 6 years) or have been looked after continuously for more than six months. The funding is targeted by the school to help eligible students improve their progress and attainment and close the gap on the performance achieved by all students.

At Kingsmeadow we have exceptionally high standards. Our aim and expectation is that every student will reach their full potential, given the right level of support and guidance. We take pride in knowing all our students extremely well which helps us make our support appropriate and relevant to the needs of all our students.

We were allocated £298,265 for the academic year 2015/16 and £285,445 (provisionally) in 2016/17. We use the Pupil Premium (PP) fund here at Kingsmeadow to secure high academic standards for all students by removing barriers to learning through a range of personalised interventions which both challenge and support all students.

We have robust monitoring and tracking systems in school which track the progress of all students throughout the year. From January 2017 parents and carers shall have full access to this and can monitor their child’s progress in real time. In addition, a detailed analysis takes place three times a year, undertaken by all subject leaders and as a result a series of interventions are put in place to help students achieve or better their target grades. Students progress is measured and assessed from a year 7 baseline. Challenging targets are set by the school which reflect the progress expected by each student with hard work and determination.

Number of pupils and grant received
Previous year 2015/16 Current financial year 2016/17
Total number of students on roll 584 609
Total number of students eligible for PP or extra funding 271 FSM

2 Services students


2 LAC outside area

287 FSM

2 Services students

11 LAC

2 LAC outside area

2 Adopted

Total percentage of students eligible 48.6% 51%
Amount of PP received per student £935 £935
Total amount of PP received £298,265 £285445 (projected)