Pupil Premium

Barriers to educational achievement faced by pupil premium eligible students

Kingsmeadow has a high percentage of students eligible for pupil premium funding. The school is in the highest quintile of students eligible for Free School Meals as measured and reported by Ofsted. In the current academic year (2016/17) 53.19% of students are eligible for the pupil premium support. This is significantly above the national average which is approximately around 28.5%. The vast majority of our students (81.7%) at Kingsmeadow are from households classified as “Financially stretched” and “Urban Adversity” by Acorn Demographics. This suggests that the majority of our students family demographics range from “Modest Means” to “Difficult circumstances”.

Disadvantaged students arrive at Kingsmeadow with Key stage 2 results in English and Maths broadly in line with National Averages. However our internal, robust and reliable, baseline assessments with these students, both at the end of yr 6 in our transition week and at the beginning of year 7, suggest that students require significant intervention in order to ensure that rapid and sustained progress in made across both KS3 and 4. We use Pupil Premium funding in targeted and evidence supported ways in order to maximise improvement and reduce any GAPS in order to support rapid and sustained progress for all.

Ensuring this funding is spent appropriately and delivers the maximum impact for students is of the utmost importance. At Kingsmeadow we believe that every student can be successful regardless of experience or economic background. We strive to set the highest academic standards for all our students. We are an inclusive, caring, disciplined and happy school that provides a safe, secure and innovative learning environment for all who learn and work here. We are committed to developing the talents and expertise of each individual at Kingsmeadow and this is reflected in the success and achievements that our students make.

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Disadvantaged students at Kingsmeadow achieve on par with or better than students who attend similar schools across the country based on the characteristics of our student intake. Kingsmeadow ranks 6th (Orange bar) in the 5A*-C Grades (GCSE and equivalent) in the family of schools with the most similar intake characteristics. Our closets statistical match in terms of intake is shown in blue.

Education Endowment Foundation

Students needs and requirements change year on year and our provision will be regularly reviewed. Current interventions are monitored closely to ensure maximum value for money and new interventions will be put in place or trialed based on evidence from internal or external sources.

Evidence suggests that strategies which have the biggest impact on all students achievement primarily revolve around excellent teaching and learning. In order to continue to improve our provision to our students staff at Kingsmeadow are involved in a detailed, evidence based Continued Professional Development (CPD) program. This is designed to ensure that provision and outcomes for all students improve and that strategies are shared to improve achievement effectively and cost effectively. As with all we do at Kingsmeadow the impact of this CPD is closely monitored to ensure value for money.