Raising and Giving Week

By Lewis Ormston – Year 13

After an extraordinary week of fundraising last week, Kingsmeadow Raising and Giving Week aimed to raise money for the local charity, FACT Cancer Support. With many events happening last week, ranging from Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar, to the Car Wash and Bake Sale, it was a jam-packed week of charity events!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and enabled Kingsmeadow Raising and Giving Week to raise £1,114.87 for FACT Cancer Support.

With five days of fundraising before school, at break time, lunchtime, and after school, we’ve managed to go beyond the £1,000 mark! Thank you to everyone who has donated and made our total even bigger!

This money will make a difference to everyone at FACT Cancer Support and enable them to support even more people and continue the amazing work that they carry out in our local community. To find out even more about FACT, visit their website by clicking here.

All year 13’s who have ran each event would like to thank everyone who has participated in RAG Week events and made last week even more of a success to raise huge amounts of money for an amazing local charity!

With a fun packed week last week, there was many events for staff and students to get involved in! Before school, staff were able to purchase a cup of coffee or tea at the Coffee Morning while at break time, staff and students were able to purchase a cake at the Bake Sale, Name the Bear or have a go at Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar. Anyone could also try their luck on the Chocolate Tombola, Mystery Bottle Table, or Diary Competition and even buy a Pick and Mix! Lunchtime included the Cake Sale as well as all of the same events running at break time. Students could also try see how far they could cycle in one minute in the Cycle Competition!

There was also many major events during RAG Week. The Car Wash on Wednesday got Year 13’s involved in washing many teachers’ cars which was followed by the Teachers VS Students Netball Match on Wednesday lunchtime. With sixth form students and teachers going head-to-head in the netball court, it was the teachers who were victorious! The large audience and participants managed to raise over £100 from this event alone!

To mark the end of Kingsmeadow Raising and Giving Week, we organised ‘Soak the Teacher’ to take place on Friday lunchtime. Mr Dunlop, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Brickle, and Mr Brand all agreed to brave the water and have many sponges and a few buckets of water thrown at them! Thank you to all teachers who participated in this event and helped to raise over £75!

Thank you to everyone involved in RAG Week to those who have made it possible, including every single person who has donated, allowing us to raise £1,114.87 for FACT Cancer Support!