REAL Celebration of Progress and Achievement

On Tuesday 11th July,  our Year 7 class of 2017 were given a ‘REAL’ celebration to recognise their progress and achievements in REAL this year. We had our annual REAL Graduation ceremony where students received Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum awards, based on our ‘Mastery Model’ for assessment. The awards were for their demonstration of our 6 character traits; Respect, Courage, Compassion, Integrity, Pride and Quality and for their progress and achievements in digital literacy. The ceremony focussed on a reflection of their journey in REAL this year and included photographs of the quality work produced and the presentations and exhibitions that have been the quality ‘REAL’ products of their hardwork and dedication this year. Our REAL staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to excel in many different ways and are extremely proud of our youngest cohort of students.

At the graduation there were special certificates given to students for outstanding demonstration of each of the 6 character traits; Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Courage, Pride and Quality. These special certificates were presented to the individual students by different members of school staff who had been involved in the nomination and choosing process. There was also a special award for two young ladies in Year 7 who were both given a voucher to spend at the Metrocentre. Danika Lee Scott was nominated by her teachers for always demonstrating all of our 6 character traits and Elisha Manning received hers for scoring top marks in the digital literacy assessment.

All of our students left the ceremony with a graduation scroll containing an inspirational quote relating to our character traits. The REAL team of staff and our E-Learning Co-ordinator, Mr Thompson would like to express their thanks to our Year 7s for their hard work and commitment this year and wish them well for Year 8. Mrs Ross and Mrs Langley both stressed they must take the skills learned and the character traits they have developed and build on these as they continue their journey in Kingsmeadow school.