School Improvement Priorities – 2017/18

Kingsmeadow School – SIP Summary 2017/18

“Inspiring minds, opening hearts, transforming lives”

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management Teaching, Learning & Assessment Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare and Safety Outcomes for Pupils
Driving question

1. How do we ensure leaders are highly effective and consistent in their role of raising standards across the school?

Driving question

2. How do we ensure all teachers have a ‘Mastery’ of their craft which in turn maximises student outcomes?

Driving question

3. How do we ensure pastoral systems support the school’s relentless drive to improve academic standards?

Driving question

4. How do we ensure whole school progress is significantly greater than 0 (Progress 8) at Key Stage 4, for all subgroups?


– Provide high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support the capacity of Middle Leaders to drive continued improvements in subjects and on a wider basis across the school;

– Management of resources is prudent so that delivery of a high quality curriculum is possible;

– Increase leadership role of the students through school council, transition forms, student ambassadors, and award schemes;


– Teaching over time to be at least Good with an increasing proportion Outstanding;

– Improved verbal competency and confidence of students;

– All feedback to have an impact on learning with students actively responding to it;

– All lessons to reinforce high standards of Reading and Writing with all Schemes of Work clearly showing development of students extended writing skills;

– CPD allows for the sharing of best practice;


– Attendance of all students to be increased to 96%;

– Reduce persistent absence of Pupil Premium (PP) students to national average;

– Reduce overall persistent absence to national average;

– Raise aspirations and broaden horizons across the academic spectrum;

– Reduce Fixed Term Exclusions;


– 90% of all Key Stage students to be on track to meet or exceed their targets;

– Progress 8 (P8) to show above average progress is being made;

– Attainment 8 average grade to be grade 5;

– Gap for Pupil Premium students continues to close and P8 is in line with expectations;

– Disadvantaged to make at least expected progress

– MA to make progress in line with national;

– Boys to make progress in line with girls;

– Basics measure to be in line with national average

Areas for Focus identified in Sept 17

Develop Middle Leaders team to work at a consistently high level;

– Develop consistency of practice in all aspects of school life;

– Lay clear accountability trails through monitoring at all levels;

Continue to develop student leadership structures

Succession planning is evident throughout all tiers of staff structure; developing leadership potential across a broad spectrum of staff;

Areas for Focus identified in Sept 17

– Develop high levels of book monitoring to ensure consistency of feedback across departments;

– Embed new assessment and progress systems;

– Further develop strategies for questioning within the classroom;

– Refine CPD to ensure consistency of quality, especially in Joint Professional Development (JPD) sessions;

– Develop a robust coaching model for use in joint lesson observations and learning walks;

– Develop a high expectations model for challenge, scaffolding and pace in the classroom;

Areas for Focus identified in Sept 17

Reduce Persistent absenteeism and increase attendance;

Develop emotional resilience across the school by introducing a culture of growth mindset;

– Develop emotional well being across the school by the use of Mindfulness;

– Ensure consistent understanding of expected standards of behaviour for learning across parents, students and staff;

Areas for Focus identified in Sept 17

Eliminating the PP P8 Gap so that the cohort performs in line with expectations;

– Ensure accuracy of assessment;

– Boys’ progress in KS3 and KS4;

– Disadvantaged boys progress;

– Increase impact of in class interventions and introduce greater tracking and monitoring to assess impact through subsequent years;

– Raise achievement in Maths, Science and Spanish;

– Improve Basics Measure

6th Form

– Develop the role of the student leadership team;

6th Form

– Develop study and memory skills of students to ensure they can maximise outcomes in new style A Level courses;

6th Form

– Further develop attendance monitoring and intervention;

6th Form

– Improve achievement at AS level (Yr12);

– Further develop advice and guidance programme at KS4.

OFSTED May 17 – Requires Improvement

SEF September 2017 – Requires Improvement

OFSTED May 17 – Requires Improvement

SEF September 2017 – Requires Improvement

OFSTED May 17 – Good

SEF September 2017 – Good

OFSTED May 17 – Requires Improvement

SEF September 2017 – Requires Improvement

Sept 2017