Policies are intended to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across a school. In essence, school policies outline how the school will respond in a given situation.

At Kingsmeadow we have a range of policy documents that will help provide valuable information to parents/carers, staff, governors and a range of external agencies. Listed below are the statutory policies of the school.

These policies can be printed off or we can provide paper copies. You can request these here.

Title File Name Caption Date
Accessibilty Plan Accessibilty-Plan.pdf May 9, 2018
Anti-Bullying Policy Anti-Bullying-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
Attitude to Learning and Behaviour Policy Attitude-to-Learning-and-Behaviour-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
Charging and Remissions Policy Charging-and-Remissions-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Child-Protection-and-Safeguarding-Policy-and-Procedures.pdf May 9, 2018
Complaints Policy and Procedures Complaints-Policy-and-Procedures.pdf May 17, 2018
Data Protection Policy Data-Protection-Policy.pdf May 25, 2018
Medicine Policy Medicine-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
Misuse of Drugs Policy Misuse-of-Drugs-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
Online Safety Policy Online-Safety-Policy.pdf May 25, 2018
Relationships and Sex Education Policy Relationships-and-Sex-Education-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018
SEND Policy SEND-Policy.pdf May 9, 2018



Safeguarding, Child, Exploitation