SEND Information

Kingsmeadow School is a maintained mainstream school for students from the ages of 11 to 18.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Rachel Allen who can be contacted by telephoning or emailing the school.

Identifying Needs

All students follow a broad balanced curriculum that is appropriate to their age and stage of development which is personalised to take into account their needs and abilities. In order to identify a student’s special educational needs we use all of the information about the student’s progress including primary school reports and KS2 (Key Stage 2) levels along with our own tracking system and reading tests. We then compare it with the progress of other students in the school and against national performance information, such as, expected levels of progress at the end of Year 11.

If a student is not making the progress that would be expected, their parent/carer will be involved as soon as possible. We will discuss our concerns with the parent/carer and student and get their views about:

  • the student’s strengths and areas of difficulty
  • concerns that the parent/carer and student has
  • agreed outcomes
  • agreed the next steps

Following discussions with parents/carers and the student, we will then agree outcomes that the student will be working towards and the support or programmes of study that are needed to meet these outcomes. From the records of progress and discussions with parents/carers, the school will then decide the support or programmes of study that are needed to meet these outcomes.

Concerns are not always based on academic progress but could also be linked to the social and emotional development of the student. Any concerns that school staff or parents raise in this area may lead to a further investigation by the SENCo.

Assessment, Monitoring and Review

Each student’s progress is continually monitored by their subject teacher, other key staff and the SENCo in a number of ways, including additional educational testing completed within school. The SENCo oversees any additional support the student may need and at the beginning of the new academic year, data is analysed and tracked to get a clear indication of which students need support with their academic work.

Progress is discussed in regularly staff meetings, tracked closely by departments and staff and is reviewed formally every term. The student is given a National Curriculum level in English and Maths which is shared with parent/carers through the school reporting system. If the student is not yet at National Curriculum levels, a more sensitive assessment tool is used which shows their level in more detail and shows smaller but significant steps of progress. The levels are called ‘P levels’. As well as National Curriculum Levels other test may be used to monitor progress, such as tests which give a reading and spelling age or a standardised score. These tests and levels will also be discussed in detail, along with staff comments within the review meeting.

The level of support given to each student depends on their additional needs and any other factors that may improve or hinder their progress. When a student has been assessed and is not making progress against their outcomes with the help that they have been given, we can refer students to a number of different services for more specialist assessment and advice.

Depending on the student’s needs, referrals can be made to the Special Educational Needs Improvement Team (SENIT), the Educational Psychology Service or Behaviour Support Service within Gateshead Council, health services such as speech and language therapy, school nursing service, occupational therapist, Emotional Wellbeing Team or Children and Young People’s Service or social care teams such as SEND social workers or the Family Intervention Team. We might suggest completing a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) form in order to get a team of professionals (Team around the Family (TAF) together to work with the student and their family but this will only be done with the parent/carers agreement.

If the student does not make progress with support that has been suggested by specialist staff, we can make a referral to the Local Authority (LA), for an assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan (called a Single Plan in Gateshead). This is a legal process, which is carried out by the LA which sets out the amount of support that will be provided for the student.