SEND Information

Individual support
This is usually provided through an Education, Health and Care Plan (known as a Single Plan in Gateshead). This means your child will have been identified by a specialist professional as needing a higher level of support than the school can provide from their SEN budget. This is a legal process, which is carried out by the LA, which sets out the amount of support that will be provided for your child. School will discuss with you if they think that this is required.

Emotional and Social

As well as providing academic support, school can also provide emotional and social support for students. This can include:

  • Peer mentoring systems involving older, normally Sixth Form students
  • Social skills/nurture group interventions – provided by both internal staff and external agencies
  • School counsellor
  • Self-esteem interventions – ranging for the use of sport/music/drama to speech and language interventions
  • A Pastoral system which allocates support from Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year, as well as Inclusion Manager
  • Anti-bullying policies and taught within PSRE curriculum
  • Opportunity to study ASDAN Personal, Social Development
  • Provision provided before and after school for vulnerable students
  • Administration of medicines


In School

The school is partially accessible to students with physical difficulties. The following facilities are available for students and their parents/carers with physical difficulties:

  • Disabled parking bays
  • Access to buildings via one level entry
  • Lifts to all floors
  • Accessible toilets
  • Induction loop for hearing aid users
  • Accessible break areas
  • Accessible dining area
  • A private room for administration of medication

A risk assessment carried out and personal evacuation plan will be drawn up for all pupils with physical difficulties. All staff working with the student will be made aware of the plan.

Outside of School

The school has a large number of after school and lunchtime clubs, including a variety of sports clubs, Active Tuesday, daily homework club and various music clubs. All of the clubs are accessible to students with special educational needs.

Students take part in school visits throughout the year. A risk assessment is completed for all school visits. The Senior Leadership Team, overseen by the Headteacher, makes decisions based on whether it is safe for a student to leave the premises, taking into account the emotional needs of the students.


Parent/carers should contact the SENCo with any complaints about the provision that the student is receiving at school. If the complaint is not resolved, the school has a complaints policy which can be found in the following area:

Parents/carers can contact the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information and Advice Service which is run by Barnardos in Gateshead (tel 0191 4784667). This is a free, confidential service for young people who have SEND and their parent/carers. The service is available whether or not the young person has a Single Plan.

Gateshead Council has developed a Local Offer which provides information about education, health and social care support for children and young people with SEND in Gateshead. The Local Offer can be found at