Top 5 Urban Legends

An urban legend is a story that is essentially fiction BUT some are true. Here are some urban legends from the UK. You can decide if they’re real…

1.The Lambton Worm

This is the legend tells of young John Lambton, son of a noble family in County Durham, who was fishing in the River Wear on a Sunday. When he was unable to catch a fish, he cursed the river, and immediately hooked an ugly little black worm which he later disposed of, in disgust, in the local well. This worm was to grow into a great serpent-like monster which blighted Lambton village and wreaked havoc in the area whilst John was away fighting in the Crusades for seven years.When he came back he visited a witch and got armour and a sword to kill the beast for good.He then became a hero…

2.Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a myth where you go into a bathroom, light some candles and turn off the lights.To make ‘bloody Mary’ appear you have to chant bloody Mary as many times as it takes to make her appear, but when you leave the bathroom, will she leave with you?

3.Slender Man

The Slender Man’s story is to abduct people, often children who seem to willingly go with the figure never to be seen again, making him a terrifying version of the Pied Piper. He is a tall man with long arms and he always wears a black suit and a red tie. If you are familiar with this story you will also know that he has no face…

4.The Clown Statue

A teenager was babysitting a couple of children. After they went to bed, she started watching T.V. in a room that had a life-sized clown statue in it. After a while, she began to feel like the clown was watching her. Creeped out, she rang the parents to ask if she could cover it up. They immediately told her to take the kids to a neighbour’s house and call the police. When they got home, they told her they didn’t have a clown statue. It was a real person.

5.The Man at the Window

A girl was sitting at home alone one night. Looking out the window, she suddenly saw a man there, watching her. She quickly hid under a blanket on the sofa and called the police, not moving until they arrived. When they came, they looked everywhere, checking for footsteps outside. Not finding anything, they came back in to see the girl and only then saw the wet footsteps leading up to the sofa. “You’re very lucky,” they told her. “It was a reflection you saw; the man was inside the whole time.”

By Jessica – Year 7